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My mission:

To empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by equipping them with a unique and authentic brand identity and marketing strategy to cultivate meaningful relationships with their ideal clients

I'm Audrea,

I'm a creative problem solver that thrives on building authentic and genuine relationships with people, rooted in empathy and compassion.

My natural empathetic quality helps me to understand not just what you want, but WHO you truly are. This quality is the key helping you bring out your unique qualities so you can connect with your ideal clients.


I live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, and when I'm not running my own business, I enjoy thrift shopping for clothes, going to local breweries, and spending time with my husband and my two dogs, Aspen and Bennie!

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My vision


My vision is to improve the lives of entrepreneurs by spending less time on brand and marketing strategy, and more time to focus on building the business of their dreams.

In order to make an impactful brand for my clients, it's integral that I listen to my clients with understanding and perspective.

My values


I aim to promote an experience that feels peaceful and calming, so you don't feel those lingering feelings of stress.


I promise to remain true to myself, my values, and spirit. 


Being creative is more than just making something 'pretty.' It's finding solutions to problems in a unique way.

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